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We Offer: Fraud Detection Course, Refresher Course, & Job Aids Online Here!

Fulfill Your IRS Requirements For Certified Acceptance Agents

We Are One of the Two(2) Vendors Who Have BOTH Been Reviewed & Approved By The IRS's Website! 


 While Both Vendors Offer The Same 14 Modules  Through the AAMVA (American Associatin of Motor Vehicle Administrators), We have different pricing structures! 


We also offer the Refresher Course  & Job Aid Slides!  (See Details Below) 

And for a limited time we are offering up to 35% discount for multiple students! Call us today at (813) 489-0945 to find out if you qualify! 


After you complete this course, please email us at cncforensictraining@gmail.com to inform our company where you would like your Certificate Mailed.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive (two) Certificate of Completions within 3-4 business days: One for you to forward to the IRS, and one for you to keep for your records. 


We offer Multi-User Discounts.  Be sure to call our offices BEFORE registering to take advantage of our Special Discount Pricing and see how much you qualfy for!!  




          Please Read BEFORE taking this course!


1) For Customer/Billing Support, please call us at (813) 489-0945.  We are available Monday thru Friday from 9am - 5pm (Eastern Standard Time).


2)  You will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. Please be aware that Mac/iPad and many Android platforms DO NOT inherently allow Flash to work you may have to work around this if possible. This course is compatible ON ANY PLATFORM!! Android, IPad, IPhone, Mac, Windows, etc. 

3) Firefox and Google Chrome as alternate browsers work much better than Internet Explorer in handling Flash content. If you your Internet Explorer you will need to enable cookies, ActiveX controls, Flash, and JavaScript.

4) If taking this course using a work machine/network, please check with their IT Department to make sure that PC settings AND network security policies will allow operation of cookies, ActiveX, Flash, and JavaScript.

5) Please turn off all Anti-virus software and pop-up blockers during course session. 

6) The courseware contains downloadable/printable job aids, but the course itself cannot be printed. PLEASE BE SURE TO PRINT JOB AIDS BEFORE YOU COMPLETE COURSE. You will not have access once the course has been completed.


If you want a copy of the Job Aids AFTER completing our course please contact our office. We will be more than happy to electronically send you an updated, current set for your own files for only $40.00. 



*Expedite Service Available* - If you want your Certificates of Completion mailed via FedEx, please call our office at (813) 489-0945 and we will gladly expedite your certifcates. The fee is only $60.00 for 2-day Air (US Only) , $80.00 For 1-Day Air (US Only), $95.00 International Air, $115.00 for 3-5 Day International Air.  


                Classes Only $190.00!!

           (With Discounts Up To 35% For Groups!)


                     ***** Refresher Course*****

If you were previously registered with the IRS as a CAA/ITIN Representative, AND you took the Forensic Document Training Course before January 31, 2014, there have been a few updated changes to the course. 


This is a 1-hour class that will cover new job aids that can be printed along with certain important updates to different sections in the previous course.



Keep up-to-date as we bring you the latest information in needed to remain current with the IRS's Requirements. 



If you are in need of this course, please call us at (813) 489-0945 and we will be happy to enrolll you. The same discounted rate of up to 35% will apply for multi-student registration! 


Current Courses We Offer:

  • Fraud Detection Course  $190.00
  • Refresher Course  $60.00
  • Job Aid (Up-To-Date) $40.00



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